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How does Ashwicken Church of England Primary School develop healthy children?

Teaching PSHE using a scheme called Jigsaw

Using Jigsaw enables our school to cover topics that help to promote healthy living by delivering high quality learning in areas such as:

  • Relationships and sex education
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • The development of healthy lifestyles including information about keeping physically active and eating healthily
  • Safeguarding issues such as anti-bullying and e-safety
  • Well being

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Physical activity sessions

These include:

  • Swimming in most year groups
  • Weekly sessions run by professionals
  • After school clubs – promoting both physical activity and healthy eating.

Promoting healthy eating

  • Teaching children about healthy eating and the Eatwell Plate
  • School dinners of a high standard from Norse

Regular police visits and outside agencies

  • Giving anti-bullying talks
  • Road/Bike safety information
  • NSPCC and child-line information
  • Crucial Crew – run by the fire service promoting aspects of safety encountered through life e.g. dealing with problems associated with drugs and alcohol
  • Internet safety information provided
  • Olly Day road safety show

Science Curriculum

  • Learning how to take care of our teeth
  • The effects of an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Learning about food groups
  • Electrical safety
  • Sexual reproduction

Promoting healthy snacks

Children are encouraged to bring fruit and vegetables for their playtime snack in KS2 where we also provide a healthy snack trolley for children to purchase items. KS1 have free fruit and vegetables.

Encouraging regular hydration 

Children bring water bottles and are provided with a water cooler where they can fill these bottles.

Sex and relationship education

The school have updated the RSHE policy in line with new statutory guidance from DFE. Parents have been consulted on the content that we intend to teach and in which year it will be taught. If you have any questions please contact the school office. 

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Ashwicken Primary School PSHE Intent, Implementation, Impact document