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Maths SATs Booster Resources

The links below can help Y6 children tackle the kinds of Maths questions they will come across in this year's SATs. Click on the topic area you want to practise, look at and try the questions, then click on the YouTube links to see a video on how to answer the question correctly, and see if you got it right!


Tip: If you have a printer at home, you could print the questions page and write your answer on the sheet before you watch the YouTube video for each question.


BODMAS/BIDMAS    Column Methods- addition and subtraction   Decimals   Division

Factors Primes Squares Adding Fractions Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Equivalence  Fraction of a Quantity

Fractions of Shapes Multiply/Divide by 10, 100 & 1000 Long Multiplication Multiplying and Multiples

Negative Numbers  Percentages Place Value Rounding Algebra and Unknowns

Comparing Coins Explain by Counterexample Inequality Signs Money Problems

Problem Solving Proportion & Ratio Sequences Sorting Diagrams Use each number once

Working Backwards Angles & Lines Coordinates Measurement & Conversion of units 

Missing Lengths from Diagrams Nets & 3D Shapes Perimeter Quadrilaterals Reading Scales & Number Lines Rotation Shape Names Symmetry& Reflection Time

Translating Shapes Combinations Interpret Charts Pictograms Pie Charts Probability


Below are some links to resources to further support maths practise- most have free resources

Mathsbot arithmetic   Third Space Learning Ninja maths My mini maths