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Owls (Y2 Class) - Miss Thorp/Miss Walker

Our class is kind, happy and polite and we like to learn. The adults are kind and helpful. 

This term our topic is:  Town and Country

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Making Our Own Dip

The children were very excited to make their own dip. We first discussed hygiene rules that we should follow whilst cooking and then looked at the recipe. They showed excellent team work; taking turns to carry out different tasks and talking to each other about what they were doing. When they had finished making their dip, they tasted it and all agreed it was delicious!

Baking Bread

Our class loved baking bread rolls today. We immersed our learning with this hands-on experience, to link to our history topic The Great Fire of London, and DT.  Morrison’s Community Champion very kindly donated the dough. They also provided a PowerPoint showing how it was made.

Diwali and Dips

Light and Dark

In R.E, we have been thinking about ‘Why is light an important symbol?’ We started by looking at Hindu beliefs and reading the story of Rama and Sita. We discussed how Hindus celebrate Diwali with lots of light and colour to show that ‘light shines out over darkness’ and that ‘good wins over evil’.

We made our own Diva lamps out of clay adding some lovely patterns and then painting them in lots of bright colours!


Dips and Dippers

As part of our learning about cooking and nutrition, we did a tasting activity. The children tried some different dips as well as a variety of dippers. They gave each dip and mark out of 10 and said which was their favourite dipper. They really enjoyed this activity and everyone had a try! Well done Owl class!

Colour Chaos in Owl Class! 

We have been having lots of fun on a Friday afternoon doing some art! We have created our own art work in the style of Piet Mondrian using primary colours.

We have been experimenting mixing colours to make new colours.

We used them to create ‘Colour fields’ in the style of Mark Rothko.

The class really enjoyed this activity and even made some pictures to take home.


Owls Outdoors 

See our gallery for what we have been doing in the woods and sporting activities: