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Key Stage 2 Knowledge Organisers

Please find below the information your child will be learning about each term. Our curriculum has been carefully considered and, to ensure that throughout their time at our school, they do not miss out on any of the National Curriculum content, we have planned for progression in each year group through the tasks that the children work towards. All tasks are scaffolded and supported to ensure a solid depth of learning in each and every subject. Knowledge organisers are a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that pupils need about a unit of work or a curriculum subject. Children can use these to review, revise and quiz themselves using their knowledge organisers.

Autumn 1 Science                                       Spring 1 Science                                          Summer 1 Science 

Autumn 1 History                                        Spring 1 History                                           Summer 1 History                            

Autumn 1 Geography                                  Spring 1 Geography                                     Summer 1 Geography                 

Autumn 1 Art                                              Spring 1 DT                                                Summer 1 Art

Autumn 1 Computing                                 Spring 1 Computing                                     Sumer 1 RE

Autumn 1 RE                                              Spring 1 RE

 Autumn 2 Art                                             Spring 2 Geography 

Autumn 2 Computing                                 Spring 2 History 

Autumn 2 Geography                                  Spring 2 Science 

Autumn 2 History                                        Spring 2 French Y3-4 

Autumn 2 RE                                               Spring 2 French Y5-6 

Autumn 2 Science                                       Spring 2 RE