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Covid 19 

The Government response: Living with COVID and Next steps for living with COVID takes account of the fact that the population now has much stronger protection against COVID19 than at any other point during the pandemic through vaccination, natural immunity, increased scientific and public understanding and antiviral treatments.

The pandemic is not over and how the virus will develop over time remains uncertain. The public health protection measures that should be adopted for all Educational Settings in order to reduce the risk of infection include:

• Ensuring adequate ventilation

• Carrying out regular cleaning and disinfection

• Supporting good hand and respiratory hygiene

• Providing equipment and resources to support the implementation of the above measures.

These measures will help to:

• Support colleagues and pupils who are at an increased risk to stay safe

• Protect yourself and others around you

• Maintain education and learning ain schoolFlowchart - what to do if my child has a respiratory illness

Standard respiratory infection control precautions

Standard infection control behaviours and responsibilities.pdf