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Autumn 2023

Wow! What an amazing Autumn term we have had in Chaffinches.

In English, we have looked at creating a portal story and a recount! We have focused on the key features of each of these texts and then applied them to our writing. We have learnt all about different tenses, reported speech and parenthesis, to name a few!

In Maths, we have looked at place value and the importance of this. We have begun looking at decimals more closely within place value. We have focused a lot on fractions this term, we have used bar models and part-whole models to support our concrete and pictorial understanding of adding and subtracting fractions.

In Science this term, we have looked at Meteorology and Materials. We looked at the different layers of the atmosphere and why they are important. We have completed a number of experiments comparing materials. We focused on their properties and functions. In order to compare and contrast materials, we looked at their conductivity and how to separate them.

In our Foundation subjects, we have been very interested in creating tiles, incorporating the style of Islamic Architecture, as well as creating abstract art on canvas! We have extremely enjoyed learning more about mountains, especially when we have looked more closely at the features that make a mountain! We have been learning so much this term and all of the children have shown a great work ethic and attitude to this.

We have also shown respect and understanding during Black History Month, Anti-Bullying Week, Children in Need, UK Parliament Week, World Maths Week, Dyslexia Awareness Week. We have discussed topics, held respectful debates and became more knowledgeable on these topics.

We can’t wait for next half term already!

Christmas 2023!


 Some of our Autumn term fun!