Ashwicken C of E Primary School

Life at Ashwicken C of E Primary School Life at Ashwicken C of E Primary School

Admission to School

Children are admitted in the September of the school year (1st September to 31st August) in which they are five years old. They leave at eleven years old and transfer to Secondary School.

Children will be admitted in the following order of priority.

  • (a) Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs naming the school.
  • (b) Children in public care.
  • (c) Looked after children who reside within the designated area.
  • (d) Children who live within the designated area having a sibling in the school at the time.
  • (e) Children who live outside the designated area hhaving a sibling attending the school at that time.
  • (f) Other children who live within the designated area:
  • (g) Outside of catchment area children – a tiebreaker situation will be decided on the home school distance (as the crow flies).

Parents will be notified by Norfolk County admissions in the April prior to the September admission about their application.

Parents whose children reside outside the designated area must accept full responsibility for transporting their child to and from school together with any costs incurred.

Parents should also be aware that admission to the school will not influence allocation to Secondary School at the age of transfer, which will be carried out in accordance with the Education Committee’s policies applying at that time.                                 

Autumn Term 2017

Admission date 01.09.17 for children whose dates of birth fall between 01.09.12 and 31.08.13.